About Connected Politics

Who I am, what I do, why I do it

Who I am

I'm a student of political science who has worked for multiple American political campaigns. In my experience in the classroom and on the campaign trail, I've noticed that voters and campaign veterans alike have trouble untangling the difference between policy, politics, and political science. I started this website hoping to share what I think the core issues facing political science as it applies to modern politics and current events.

What I do

I named this blog Connected Politics because I believe political science plays a bigger role in day-to-day life than many people realize. Political science is simply the study of how people arrange themselves in groups and leverage those coalitions to better themselves. From current, to the workplace, to reality television and popular culture - modern life is full of people picking sides, making teams, and compete for social capital. I want to explore these concepts, and make those connections between political science and the real world.

Why I do it

The internet has made it possible to spread information in ways that were impossible before. You can find a plethora of information on science technology, mathematics, philosophy, economics and more, all delivered in an engaging and informative way. Political science has failed to adapt to the new medium. Political science on the internet is either as dry and unappealing as it was when I learned it in college, or devolves into internet trolling and partisanship that does nothing to advance knowledge of the subject. I want to make Connected Politcs as informative, interesting, and independent of political leanings as I can. We live in a remarkably political time, and the hard truth is that the only way out is with more politics.